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2017 Evolve Housing Volunteer of the year


Volunteers are considered to be individuals who are not paid for their service and contribution to the community.  A volunteer contributes by their own free choice and without coercion, to benefit their local communities.

Who can be nominated?

To be eligible for this award, the volunteer must be:

  1. A current resident of Evolve Housing.  
  2. A registered volunteer of a recognised organisation.
  3. Part of a fundraising initiative for a particular Charity or not for profit organisation, and show evidence.

You can nominate yourself for this award.

Who can nominate?

Any resident or Staff member of Evolve Housing is entitled to one nomination.  However, any nomination must be endorsed by Evolve Housing.  A nominee who is not successful in one year is able to be nominated again in any subsequent year. The Evolve Housing Volunteer of the Year Award winner is ineligible for nomination in the successive year. But can be nominated again after 2 years.

Nominations close Friday 5th May, 2017.

How is the winner chosen?

A selection panel will be convened made up of 3 staff members to consider and decide on who will be chosen as the volunteer of the year.   

The following criteria will be considered by the selection panel:

  • Scope of the volunteer’s achievement and the work undertaken, initiative and innovation.
  • impact and benefit the individual has made in the course of their volunteering
  • The integrity and professionalism demonstrated by the volunteer any obstacles which the nominee may have had to overcome to achieve the outcomes of their work.

Volunteer of the Year Nomination form

Tell us about you or the person you are nominating by answering the questions below.

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