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About us

We exist to be a major contributor to the relief of housing stress in Australia

Evolve Housing is a Global Mark accredited, Tier 1 registered community housing provider that owns and manages 3,700 properties in Australia, and houses over 9,500 people who were homeless or in housing stress. Partnering within the housing sector, Evolve Housing works to deliver person-centred and sustainable housing to areas of high need such as social housing, the disability sector and affordable housing. 

Homelessness and housing stress is a rapidly growing problem in Australia with over 105, 000 people homeless and over 16,000 of these are children. We passionately believe that absolutely everyone has the fundamental right to a home. A home is so much more than shelter; it needs to be safe, secure and provide the opportunity through a supported network for a person to re-build their life and begin their 'journey home'

As a community-minded and community-driven organisation, Evolve Housing is actively involved in housing projects and community initiatives that deliver sustainable design and provide for long term viability. Drawing on our sector experience and knowledge, we ensure housing designs provide functional longevity by being energy efficient, greener, accessible and adaptable. Our SAIF and RASAID developments are recognised to meet this criteria by achieving Livable Housing Platinum Level Compliance. Evolve Housing was the first under the Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund (SAIF) initiative to be awarded the Platinum Performance Level compliance and has since achieved Livable Housing Guidelines Platinum Level compliance on other developments.

Evolve Housing believes that the provision of community and resident engagement programs is as important as providing homes. Through partnership Evolve Housing has a 'Training People for life' program to help residents gain professional and life skills that can help them cross the social and economic divide. 'Breaking the cycle of worklessness' residents have a greater opportunity to engage in their community promoting social inclusion and delivering positive social and economic outcomes that are both sustainable and beneficial to the community.

Evolve Housing is well positioned through strong financial planning and risk management to maximise opportunities that increase housing supply in Australia and deliver our mission of being a major contributor to the relief of housing stress.

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